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New luxury Arts Centre & Cinema within Labels Shopping, Ross-on-Wye Silver Emura set in beautiful modern bedroom in Eco House Replacement of 20 electric heaters with energy efficient R32 air conditioning systems
The Gateway Case Study Eco house and Daikin Emura in unison Sierra CP Engineering project
largest Daikin R32 project completed in Malvern More Case Studies coming soon…
Largest R32 Air Conditioning project since rollout of R32 refrigerant systems in UK You could be next.
Office premises in Malvern

Largest R32 Air Conditioning Project since the launch of R32 systems, completed in Malvern, UK

Young Air Conditioning has recently completed a highly successful installation of Daikin R32 Refrigerant Gas Air Conditioning systems in commercial offices located in Malvern, Worcestershire. During early December 2016 we ran a Daikin R32 promotional campaign highlighting the environmental benefits and energy cost savings to our customers. From this promotion we were successful in winning the tender to supply, install and commission four Daikin R32 Wall Mounted systems for an international company opening a new branch here in Malvern.

Young Air is grateful to have been chosen to work with them and we hope that we have highlighted what Malvern Businesses have to offer.

The customer brief was to provide a heating and cooling system for various offices and a server room. Our solution was to install one Daikin R32 2.5kW Wall mounted system, one Daikin R32 3.5kW wall mount system, one Daikin R32 5.0kW wall mounted system and one Daikin R32 7.1kW system in the various locations. The installation was completed and commissioned within 4 working days in a swift and timely manor keeping customer disruption to a minimum.

Proactive approach to Global Warming.

Daikin have been market leaders in developing a range of air conditioning systems operating on R32 refrigerant gas. Daikin Airconditioning UK have brought these products to the UK market and at Young Air Conditioning Ltd we feel compelled to promote the use of products which are more environmentally friendly that the commonly used R410A systems.

We have been promoting the use of air conditioning systems containing R32 refrigerant gas through e-mail marketing of our customer newsletters, Internet blogs and customer information leaflets.

This current R32 project is another achievement for Young Air Conditioning following on from our commitment to change that started back in 2015. During April 2015 Young Air Conditioning was proud to be the first UK Company to install a Daikin R32 system – we really are passionate about playing our part in protecting our environment.

Why switch to R32 from R410a?

  • R32 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675, one third of R410a (2,088)
  • R32 is more energy efficient than R410a
  • R32 needs a smaller charge. For example an R22 system requiring 1.2kg charge would only need 0.7kg of R32.
  • Using R32 allows for more compact equipment. Due to smaller charges of gas the heat exchangers and other components can be smaller allowing for smaller equipment.
  • R32 is a single component refrigerant gas, which means it can be easily reused and recycled. Unlike R410a which is a blend.
  • R32 operating pressures are similar to R410a
  • R32 and R410a systems use the same types of refrigerant oil.

R410a Restrictions coming into force.

The use of HFCs with a GWP above 750 (including R410A) will be banned in single split systems containing less than 3 kg of refrigerant placed on the EU market after January 1st 2025 (EU 517/2014. L 150/223).

For further information on Daikin’s development of equipment using R32 gas please see the Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd website

For further information on Young Air Conditioning Ltd, a Daikin UK D1 partner please see our website

To quote Daikin UK’s strap line “Achieving Greater Success Together.”