Investing in Office Air Conditioning is an excellent way of keeping staff alert and your company productive levels high, by eliminating stuffy, warm environments.  Our Managing Director is a fully qualified and experienced air conditioning engineer who will consider your individual requirements and design a system that will suit your needs and budget.

All commercial office areas are as individual and unique as each customer and we will provide a solution tailored to you.  A well designed office air conditioning system will ensure even air distribution across all areas of your office space.

Looking to reduce your Carbon Footprint?

The Daikin ‘Bluevolution technology’ Sky Air system “is also available with the lowest carbon footprint” please see for full product details or watch this Daikin UK video for more information: 

The types of air conditioning that we are experienced in installing in office environments are High Wall Mounted systems and Ceiling Cassette systems.  Wall mounted systems are a cost effective and quick solution with most installations being completed in a single day.  Ceiling cassettes are a more expensive option but can be more aesthetically pleasing to staff and customers alike.  Installations of ceiling cassettes can take slightly longer to complete, typically installed and commissioned within two days.  The Daikin high wall mounted indoor evaporators and the Daikin ceiling cassettes can be installed as a Single-split system or as part of a Multi-split system. 

The New Madoka – BRC1HHDS controller from Daikin.

We invite your to explore the new Madoka controller of the above video, Daikin describe the Madoka as “sleek design and symbol driven end user interface with intuitive touch button control.”  The BRC1HHDS is available in 3 colours: white, silver and black.


Looking to reduce Maintenance Costs?

Daikin’s ‘Auto-cleaning units can reduce your annual maintenance costs when compared to standard ceiling cassettes and standard concealed ceiling units.  Watch the following Daikin video to see how the Auto-Cleaning feature works:

Daikin UK YouTube channel explains the benefits of the self cleaning units.

Credits to Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd for the videos featured above.