A gentleman from Worcester who required a quote to install air conditioning in his conservatory contacted Young Air Conditioning Ltd. After a free site visit we provided the customer with two options of Daikin equipment. This included two different kW systems at two slightly different prices.

Daikin FTXS Air Conditioning Range

The quote recommended either a Daikin split FTXS42 system or a Daikin split FTXS35 system. Both systems will provide energy efficient heating and cooling to the conservatory, but the FTXS42 system will cope with the extremes of temperature better than the smaller FTXS35 system, given the dimensions of the room.

Once our customer had made his informed choice and the installation had been completed we received the following glowing customer testimonial:

It is coming up to 18 months since having our air conditioning unit installed in our conservatory. During the summer months the room was too hot even though we had been told that the glass roof reflected the heat. We were given a quote of £6000 to put up electric binds whereas it cost less than a third to have air conditioning. It was the best decision we have made as we can now use the room all year round with a bonus that the air conditioning can be used as a heater in the winter. The unit is of high quality and works very well. It was installed very efficiently and the installer was very friendly. I would recommend anyone to have the services of Youngair and also to choose air conditioning as a solution to overheating in a conservatory.

Thanks Brian of Worcester

Conservatory Air Conditioning

During our 12 years of trading we have seen an increase in the number of domestic customer choosing to install air conditioning in their conservatories. A Daikin split air-to-air heat pump system has the benefit that it can be installed in one day, it provides both heating and cooling so the room can be used all year and it doesn’t interfere with any existing central heating systems. It is an independent system and extremely energy efficient too. The FTXS42 range has a seasonal efficiency in cooling of A++ and in heating of A+.

Reduced Rate of VAT for Domestic Air Conditioning

The UK Government is committed to reducing emissions of the gases responsible for global warming. Thus the UK Government has included air conditioning or Air Source Heat Pumps under the Reduced Rate of VAT currently 5%. This is only applicable if the retailer supplies and installs the air conditioning equipment in a residential dwelling. To read more please see the following link to HMRC’s website: HMRC VAT Notice 708/6: energy-saving materials. Section 2.5 what energy-saving materials are covered by the reduced rate?

Air source heat pumps

These use the air as a source of heat. Some air source heat pumps can be reversed so that they draw heat from inside a building, thus providing cooling during the summer as well as indoor heating for colder periods of the year.” Quote from the HMRC VAT Notice 708/6.

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