We have 9 Daikin MC70L Air Purifiers in stock; £520.00 inclusive of VAT and free delivery.


  • Powerful air purification increases indoor air quality with Daikin Streamer technology
  • Large air flow: 420m³/h in turbo mode
  • Whisper quiet operation: down to 16dBA sound pressure level
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to clean flat panel

Watch the Daikin streamer technology air purifier video

The DaikinEurope YouTube account gives a good description of the Air Purifier;  “Clean air could be defined as having had all the harmful particles and contaminants removed, but Daikin goes beyond this. The streamer technology air purifier is designed not only to remove and decompose harmful particles but also dust, odours, bacteria, pet hairs, moulds, pollen, mites and other allergens, leaving the air in a clean and healthy state.”

Daikin MC70L

Brochure for the Daikin MC70L Steamer Technology Air Purifier

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Please note that the MCK75J is not currently available in the UK.

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Unfortunately due to very limited stocks these air purifiers are available on a first come first served basis.