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Air Purifiers back in stock

We have 9 Daikin MC70L Air Purifiers in stock; £520.00 inclusive of VAT and free delivery. Features: Powerful air purification increases indoor air quality with Daikin Streamer technology Large air flow: 420m³/h in turbo mode Whisper quiet operation: down to 16dBA sound pressure level Lightweight and compact Easy to clean flat panel Watch the Daikin streamer technology air purifier video The DaikinEurope YouTube account gives a good description of the Air Purifier;  “Clean air could be defined as having had all the harmful particles and contaminants removed, but Daikin goes beyond this. The streamer technology air purifier is designed not only to… Read more »

Acorns Children’s Hospice chosen Charity for Young Air Conditioning Ltd

We have been successfully running a fundraising initiative for a number of years and we are delighted to be able to send another donation to Acorns Children’s Hospice, Worcester. A number of generous customers have taken the time to write testimonials and post Google + reviews in exchange for us making a donation to our chosen charity.  Over the last few months we have been recording the testimonials and reviews received which once doubled by ourselves comes to a wonderful amount of £200.00. We are thrilled to have posted the cheque to Acorns Children’s hospice as a small token of… Read more »

Air Conditioning Service Malvern – Customer Testimonial

Sue from EasyRead Time Teacher recently contacted Young Air Conditioning to provide a quote to service their Midea air conditioning system. The service was duly carried out in January 2018 and we are pleased to have gained another satisfied customer in Malvern. In this type of commercial environment we would recommend an annual air conditioning service to maintain optimum efficiency and a pleasant environment for all the staff. Following the air conditioning service Sue very generously provided us with a Customer Testimonial to include on our website: “We had air conditioning installed by a builder when we built our warehouse… Read more »

Grants from £2,000 to £20,000 available to help you lower your energy bills!

If air conditioning is a consideration to you, then we may have something of interest. Your business could be eligible for a grant towards the installation costs of Air Conditioning. The Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) is available throughout Worcestershire offering FREE energy assessments and grants to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Grants from £2,000 to £20,000 available to help you lower your energy bills!  Open until 31st March 2019 on a first come first served basis. Energy Efficient Air Conditioning systems If you currently use oil, gas or electric as your main source of heating you could be… Read more »

Daikin’s new R32 Compact Roundflow Cassette range

Welcome to 2018. At Young Air Conditioning we are eager to improve on our 2017 successful switch to Daikin’s R32 range. We made a conscious ethical business decision to start the transition to the low GWP R32 gas during 2015. Daikin now have a broad range of split-type systems in their R32 refrigerant gas range that for every project we have quoted there has been an R32 system available. Obviously this successful transition wouldn’t have been as smooth without the cooperation of our customers. We have been thrilled by the way our customers have embraced the change, which is testament… Read more »

Daikin Emura with Wi-Fi Controller

The new 2017/2018 Daikin Emura air conditioning system has just become even more sleek and efficient. The new model now comes with Wi-Fi control as standard. This previous optional extra is now included with all Daikin Emura systems. The Wi-Fi controller allows you to set and schedule the unit from your smart phone or tablet. You will need to download the Daikin Wi-Fi adapter App which will then allow you to take control of your air conditioning system from anywhere*. Daikin Wi-Fi Control benefits:  Switch the unit on or off, Switch from heating to cooling, Automatically set the unit to… Read more »

New Cheltenham Branch for County Building Supplies

Daikin Wall mounted Air Conditioning systems. Three Daikin UK highly energy efficient 6.0kW Wall Mounted air conditioning systems were recently installed into the open-plan offices of new Cheltenham branch of County Building Supplies.   The installation was completed in May 2017 ahead of the new County Cheltenham grand opening. Daikin’s Standard Inverter wall mounted range is available for commercial, industrial and residential environments. The FTXS60G range has a nominal cooling capacity of 6.00kW and in heating an impressive 7.0kW capacity. The high coefficient of performance gains these systems an A rated energy label. Explanation of EER and COP from Daikin UK… Read more »

How often should Air Conditioning systems be serviced?

The time interval between services for Air Conditioning systems is unfortunately not the same for every application. The general guideline is once every 12 months, at a minimum. The greatest variant depends on the environment that the Air Sourced Heat Pump system is working within. Conditions can change dramatically from an industrial building, to offices, homes or clean rooms. Each situation needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. If you are unsure please contact us today and we can discuss and advise on a personal level. Young Air Conditioning Ltd is available for servicing any make of professionally installed… Read more »

Successful R32 Refrigerant roll out for Young Air Conditioning

Young Air Conditioning of Malvern is delighted to announce the success of their 2017 Daikin R32 Refrigerant promotion. Young Air of Malvern started the drive to promote the Daikin air conditioning systems operating on the latest R32 refrigerant during November 2016. From then until the end of April 2017 we are proud to announce that we have secured orders for 27 split systems operating on R32 refrigerant. With 16 Daikin air conditioning R32 systems already installed and operating within Worcestershire and another 11 still to be professionally installed and commissioned by the end of April 2017. This promotion of the… Read more »

Daikin R32 First UK Installation

Daikin R32 First UK Installation Young Air Conditioning has just completed the first UK installation of a Daikin R32 wall mounted Emura air conditioning system supplied by Daikin UK. Daikin UK’s D1 Partnership slogan ‘Achieving Greater Success Together’ couldn’t be more appropriate. At Young Air, Malvern we are incredibly proud to be the first Daikin UK customer to install an air conditioning system running on R32 refrigerant gas. Our original customer brief was to install a home air conditioning system to a first floor bedroom in a barn conversion domestic property. The solution chosen was a Daikin R32 Emura wall… Read more »