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This means we can offer to the UK market this fantastic product. See website for full details The Daikin Air Purifier Siesta 7SS / MC70L sale starts March 2015.

This Daikin Air Purifier removes and decomposes harmful particles, along with dust, odours, bacteria, pet hairs, moulds, pollen and mites and other allergens leaving the air in a clean and healthy state.

The British Allergy Foundation has awarded the Daikin Air Purifier MC70LBFVM its highly acclaimed ‘Seal of Approval’. To quote an extract from the Allergy UK website reference their Seal of Approval: “The testing is carried out by an independent laboratory to protocols which have been created for the Seal of Approval by leading allergy specialists, specifically to benefit the sufferers of allergy, asthma, sensitivity and intolerance.”

“When you see a product with this logo (Seal of Approval) on it, you have the reassurance the product has been scientifically tested to prove it is efficient at reducing/removing allergens from the environment of allergy and asthma sufferers or the products have significantly reduced allergen/chemical content.” has recently supplied a Daikin Air Purifier to a Sign writer and Manufacturer based in Fromes Hill, Ledbury. The business owner purchased the air purifier to clean the air in the workshop and offices. Despite being harmless, the inks and materials used do tend to give off a pungent smell. After purchasing the Daikin Air Purifier MC70L from he was so thrilled with the result that he happily posted a review about Young Air Conditioning through Google, which I quote below:

“Just purchased a Daikin Air Purifier MC70L from and it is amazing!! The speed and ability in which it identifies smells and eradicates them is just awesome. The MC70L is so quiet that I don’t notice it working away in the corner of my office. The added bonus is that it seems to slightly cool the room temperature. Fantastic product brilliant at removing stale air and a great price for the amount of technology involved. Would recommend the Daikin MC70L Air Purifier to anyone. I would also recommend Young Air Conditioning who supplied this product and who have also been keeping me cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the air conditioning they fitted 11 years ago and it still works fantastically. Keep up the great work guys!!!!!!”

Air Purifier MC70L Product details:

Daikin Air Purifier MC70LBFVM

Space Daikin Air Purifier model number Siesta 7SS

Bar code or EAN Number: 4906938947522

Manufactured by Daikin Europe N.V. and distributed to the UK market by Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd. With whom Young Air Conditioning Ltd is a Daikin D1 Partner and authorised by them to retail this product through our e-commerce shop ( for the MC70L or Siesta 7SS Air Purifier.

To purchase the Daikin Air Purifier please visit our e-commerce shop:

Please note: The Daikin Air Purifier is not a medical device and is not meant to be used as a substitute to any medical or pharmaceutical treatment.